The new Civil War trailer

Wow, that was a roller coaster of emotions. The “He’s my friend.” “So was I” part got me like:


I can’t wait to watch it! Marvel is a unique thing for me, I love the way they make their movies. I love the scripts, the jokes, the cast. And I really really don’t know how the writers keep track of every little detail in the stories. Seems complicated, especially because the movies are not in chronological order. Anyway, you’re doing a great job guys!

Here’s a more dramatic side of Cap. This story will represent an evolution for all the characters I think. Emotionally speaking. Steve choses to protect his old friend, at the cost of losing his new ones.


How this will go we’ll see next year. Until then, I leave you with gifs of Sebastian Stan (did I mention he was born romanian, and that I’m very proud of him for becoming such a great deal? well yeah, I’m proud of you Seb!)

You can watch the new trailer here.


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