Very Good Girls(2013, Naomi Foner)

Since I’ve already told you how much I love Marvel, you already know I enjoyed watching Ant-Man. And if you’ve read my first blog post you’d know I had in plan to review this movie as well. But there’s no point now to prove my secret love for Paul Rudd, so I’ll tell you my thoughts on a movie I saw this month, Very Good Girls.

The first thing that I’m gonna say is that this is a movie about girls, of course, and about female friendship, made by a girl. So, finally, some realistic shit about girls. It was really refreshing waching this and thinking “Man, that’s true! That’s how it is in real life too”. Because, you know, nobody knows girls better than girls.

I just checked Naomi up on IMDb and it seems like she wrote the script for a movie I intend to watch since a long time ago, but never got the chance. I’m talking about Running on empty (1988, Sidney Lumet), a movie starring the talented River Phoenix, who unfourtunaletly died at a very young age. Kind of like a James Dean type of career.

Very Good Girls is a movie about the friendship between two beautiful girls, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning and the dynamics of their relationship when between them intervenes an artsy gorgeous boy, played by Boyd Holbrook.

Before they met David(Boyd), they made a pact. Losing their virginity before Lilly(Dakota) woud go to college. What happens after they meet the boy it’s mainly a problem of misscommunication. Gerri(Elizabeth) sais from the very beginning that she likes the guy and that’s probably why Lilly prefers to keep quiet about the fact that she has a crush on him as well.

Dakota is stunning in this movie. Especially these shots:


so pretty

The same goes for Elizabeth.

I hope her career will take a right turn, because she’s one of the actresses I really enjoy watching on screen.

The bond between Gerri and Lilly is strengthened by their differences. They come from different families, with different values and different incomes. Lilly often joins Gerri’s family, to escape from the problems and fights of her parents. This makes her more fragile I think. Her mother seems kind of a control freak, always calling, always wanting to know her exact location.

Gerri’s parents are more on the hippie side. Always happy, always making jokes. Gerri often sais she would’ve preferred Lilly’s parents, because she sometimes feels embaresed by the way her folks act.

Anyway, Gerri does take after her parents. She leaves the impression of a wild soul, of a free spirit. Lilly, on the other hand is not necessarily shy, but she’s closed inside. She’s not very willing to let other people know what she feels.


This is a movie I strongly recommend. It’s worth watching and it’s beautifuly made.

Oh, and it also has agent Coulson.



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