The Odd Couple(2015-, TV Series)

Firstly, I must confess I’ve only watched like three seasons of Friends. I did enjoy it, but it just wasn’t the right time to start watching a 10 seasons show during finals. Just sayin’. Anyway, those three seasons were enough for me to fall in love with Matthew Perry, whom, like a devoted fan, I’ve stalked ever since.

Unfourtunately, his projects got cancelled prematurely, Go On and Mr. Sunshine lasted for one season each. Good news though, The Odd Couple was renewed for a second season, starting in January 2016.

UPDATE: the season two premiere is set for April 7th. Don’t you just love waiting? Well, at least we get a season two, right?

In The Odd Couple, Perry plays Oscar Madison, a guy whose lifestyle is quite a mess after his wife left him. He has his own radio show, working from home and usually not wearing pants while doing that. Thomas Lennon plays Felix Unger, Oscar’s friend, a photographer who also gets dumped by his wife, apparently due to his OCD kind of behaviour. Because he doesn’t have a place to live anymore, Oscar accepts him as a flat mate.

The chemestry between these guys is incredible. They worked together before for the movie 17 Again(2009, Burr Steers), but their relationship didn’t have this type of dynamics.

I loved watching the first season. The episodes are about 20 minutes long, the jokes impecable, mostly based on the differences between the characters.


Oscar and Felix evolve as characters only because of the influence they have on each other. The goal, I think, is bringing a balance to their lifestyles. Oscar has to learn to clean up after himself, to be more preocupied about human emotions and such, and Felix has to loosen up a bit, him being very strict in all matters.


Another character I really like is Emily, played by Lindsay Sloane, who by the way, is perfect in this casting. She is obviously in love with Felix during the whole season, but he’s too busy trying to impress his soon to be ex-wife and does’t notice her crush, this creating a strong element of humor.


All the cast memebers have their own contributions in creating comic situations. I think the writers of this show make a wonderful job, each element being well thought and well used. I really hope there will be a season 3…and 4…and 5.

I now leave you with Matthew being a gracious little dove.



3 thoughts on “The Odd Couple(2015-, TV Series)

  1. Sorry…while I love him too and he was my favorite Friend…I don’t like him in the Odd Couple. The forced humor is cliché and not funny at all. I say this one won’t make it past season 2. Studio 60 was his best work following Friends. He should do another drama and insert that sarcastic comic humor. That I would watch.


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