When Captain America is just a normal guy

Before We Go(2014, Chris Evans)

Imagining Chris Evans in a non-tight-superhero-costume context became really difficult to do lately. So I decided to watch two 2014 movies where he plays normal guys.

I’m talking about Before We Go, which is also his debut as a movie director, and Playing It Cool, directed by Justin Reardon.

Before We Go is a story that revolves around a simple chain of coincidences. Boy meets girl, girl needs help, boy offers help, and so on.


But it’s not bad. It’s about people that find each other at the right time. People that have the power to change each other, to turn their lives around, all in only one night. It’s fiction, certainly, but we love fiction, don’t we?

Nick(Chris Evans) is a musician, and also a guy that has been hurt some time ago.I could feel an interesting vibe coming from him. Something like an emotional stability that came as a result of resignation. Brooke(Alice Eve) is a married woman, who was cheated on and decided to leave her husband. Only that she changed her mind in the last minute.

Buuut…her purse was stolen, she doesn’t live in NYC(where she was because of some art thinghy), and she just missed the last train home to destroy the goodbye letter adressed to her husband.

Nick was playing the trumpet in the Grand Central when he noticed her looking like a mess, and decided to be a good citizen and help her. At first, she had trust issues, which I find quite normal, given the fact that he was a total stranger. But the trust builds between them, as the night’s events bring them closer.


The dialogue was clever. Nick is a funny guy. And yes, you’ll fall in love with this little broken-hearted-dove.


Playing It Cool(2014, Justin Reardon)

Playing it Cool is a romcom about a guy that has to write a romcom. But guess what, he has never been in love. Cliche already? You bet. But then again, this wasn’t a bad movie either. I’m not sure if it was the cast that saved this movie, or something else.

Chris plays a guy with mommy issues. He is a writer, a womanizer and a professional not-fall-in-lover. Until…


Until he meets this wonderful, funny, smart, gracious girl that makes him feel tingly inside. Unfourtunately, she’s soon to be married to this guy:


Man, I wonder how it is to have both these guys running after you.

Anyway, she is trapped between mind and matter and GUESS WHAT SHE’LL CHOOSE? *Is that your final answer? Teeeen points to Gryffindor, you win the House Cup, congratulations!*

What I really didn’t like about the movie was the screening of the stories Evan’s friends keep telling. They were, idk, useless. And the whole heart-as-a-character thing was bad too, but tolerable.

The best things in this movie are: this guy’s face



and the rest of the cast. And his face.



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