Mozart in the Jungle (2014-,TV Series)

This is one of those cases when I’m actually happy I’ve listened to the IMDb recommendations. I downloaded the first season yesterday, started watching it and also finished it. At three thirty in the morning, but who cares.

I’ve always been fascinated by the backstage of a classical music show. It’s amazing to see people that you can only imagine practising fervently all day long having conversations about their pets, swearing or wearing flip-flops. When I was little, my dad started working as a show organizer and I felt very privileged to meet classical music performers at a young age.

I actually lived with a family of musicians for one school semester, when I was 16. I got to attend a lot of concerts. It was a really unique experience.

So, having an interest in this area, I was very excited to see there’s a TV show about the backstage. My first thoughts after watching it? It was certainly not bad. A bit exaggerating from time to time, but entertaining and…fun.

The show is based on the series of events that follow the replacement of the New York Symphony Orchestra’s conductor with a younger one. His name is Rodrigo and he was considered a prodigy in his youth. He has modern ways of approaching art and a trully unique personality. He’s presented to us as a genius, and that’s basically how he excuses his eccentricity.  We also have Hailey, a young oboe player that’s trying her best to get in the orchestra.


Lola Kirke, as Hailey

This show puts us face to face with the problems musicians go through. It’s about the unseen parts of a performance, the sweat, the struggle. The reality these people have to face. They have rents to pay, food to buy, dreams to follow. And society thought us very well that art can’t always pay for your needs.


We get to see the inner life of a major orchestra, the intrigues, the gossip, the less fancy part of the show. The idea is good. It brings the people on the stage closer to their audience, it makes them more approachable. We all know and admire the hard work and the tremendous hours of practice, and so we overlook the fact that musicians are humans too. We see them as performers, as people that are so engaged in their art, that cannot possibly have other interests. Not that I want to spoil it for you, but they do.

We also take a peak at the classical music industry seen as a whole. It’s really cool actually.

There are clever moments, fun moments, romantic ones, and so on. I am  really happy to have watched this, and can’t wait for the second season, which will start at the end of the month. 30th of December, to be more precise.

Oh, and there’s also some Gustavo Dudamel in season 2, which makes me very happy. You can watch the official trailer by clicking here.


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