Me vs. Vader

In my family, my dad was the first one to like Star Wars. He kept telling me how awesome it was, while I kept ignoring him. But when I started pursuing works of fiction as a full time fangirl (unfortunatelly, I still can’t consider myself a true nerd) I realised how important SW was. And after actually watching it and reading about the phenomenon I regreted I wasn’t part of it sooner. Star Wars made history. It is history. And it’s one of those things that make you say “What a time to be alive!”.

Of course I went to see Episode VII with my dad. I’m really glad I got to share this experience with him. I was super excited the whole time, jumping in my seat, squeaking and so on. And I thought he’d be excited too, but he just sat there, poker face on.

When we got home, we had the conversation, and while trying to explain him how amazing the movie was and how he shouldn’t be such a hater, I realised his point of view was extremly pertinent and valid.


My dad watched the first movie in 1977. He actually wrote on his Facebook yesterday night before the movie started: “I hope this movie will be as good as the one in 1977 was”. I now understand he grew up with this culture. He would go see the new SW movie when it came out and between the Episodes he’d just feel the hiatus just as I feel the Sherlock hiatus at the moment. He’d be curious, he’d have expectations, and as he told the day before, his expectations were always exceeded.

So, what I’m trying to say is that his point of view on SW has the expertise of an old fan. And that’s why I understand when he tells me that The Force Awakens is just a movie that clearly left the gate open for a next set of Episodes. It was built up like a popular culture product. It was made only so they could continue getting money from the franchise.

I am part of another generation. I saw all the SW Episodes in two, maybe three days. I got attached to the fandom, but I didn’t grow up with it. The hype built in me fast, it didn’t have time to settle properly (I’d make the analogy with wine, and how it needs time to get better, but you get my point). So, basically, me and my dad came to see the movie with different expectations, different attitudes, different everything.

After considering my dad’s opinion, I did feel like something was wrong too. I could feel that George Lucas was not part of this anymore, that SW lost its soul. You know how the first movies were made independently, and how Lucas fought to get the money he needed and avoided the big studios because he knew they would suck the life out of movies? Well, what he feared most had happened. It might sound a bit dramatic, but that’s the only way I can express the sensation.

But then again, I can’t say I disliked it. The young actors were good, the fights were ok, the visuals were beautiful. So, all in all, we should try and avoid being haters. (But yeah, basically no sequel can ever compare or compete with the first six episodes. Ever.)

Some people will look at the new Stars Wars generation as impostors. I felt the same way at first, but then I thought about it. The story goes on. It’s only natural. Han Solo gets old, Leia gets wrinkles, Luke grows a beard. Even after the they lived happilly ever after in fairytales, the story goes on. It always does. Only this time we get to see it.

Oh, and what really surprised me was BB-8. I thought I’d hate him but he’s actually cute.


So, what was your opinion on The Force Awakens?



4 thoughts on “Me vs. Vader

  1. It was a great movie to watch. Definetely it did not have that Lucas touch but bringing in Leia, Han Solo and good ol’ Chewie made it feel like I was watching Star Wars.

    Being taken over by Disney, therefore being taken over by a large movie studio also has had it’s good parts with some funny moments mixed up in the scenes.

    All in all, this episode was a build up for the ones to come, I’m really exited to see how they tell Luke’s story.


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