And a happy New Year

This is that time of the year when people that write for other people try to give advice on how to live a better life that you’ll never actually follow. Am I right? And since I’ve joined the blogosphere, here I am trying to do the same thing, because that’s my responsability. And man, this is more difficult than I’ve thought.

Oh Glob, here we go.

1. Go listen to live music

I hope you’ll continue reading after I say this, but go to the opera. Honestly, you gotta do this at least once in your life. And if you go once you might like it and go again. Or idk, go listen to jazz, or some other new hybrid style. But the key words here are live music. Nothing on youtube compares to the emotion of a live representation, or a live audience.

2. Go to the theatre

You guys living in England, you have no idea how jealous I am of you. In the last two years you had Coriolanus with Tom Hiddleston as lead actor and Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch. I mean, seeing these actors in live performances is such an opportunity. As live music, a live theatre show is full of raw emotion, you get to see the transformations a character goes through right there, in front of your face. Oh man, that’s what I call magic.

And nope, no excuse if you don’t live in England. I bet there are amzing actors everywhere in this world. In Romania, we have a lot of small theatres, also this concept of coffee-bar-theatre seems to adapt well. Listen to me, most actors are paid shit, if they’re paid. So if they come to perform, they do it for the love of art and for the love of sharing art with a public. So why don’t you go see why they risk not being able to pay rent, cuz’ they do it for you too.

3. Use your motivation more wisely

You know, motivation runs out at some point. And when you want to see what you’ve used it for, you might get disappointed when you see no actual result. So how about you say “fuck off” to those people telling you to lose weight and start focusing on your exams, or on writing a book, or on basically anything that actually matters. Of course, if losing weight is your main focus, then do it. But honestly, maybe redirecting your energy on goals as your career might be the better thing to do. Your choice.

4. Stop judging others

I know, I know that that’s not an okay outfit for school. Or that his hair is awkward. Or her make-up is too dark. Or the book he’s reading is shit. Or the fact that she checked-in at the mall is not relevant for anybody. But you know what? They’re human too, they have their problems, their stories. They might actually be nice people. Don’t ever forget that every person that you meet knows something you don’t. And, also, eveyone has their own battles.

5. Watch more movies, read more books

You didn’t belive that a blog named fictiontalks won’t write this in its New Year’s goals, did you?

Now I can either be that person that advises you to follow your heart and watch and read whatever you feel like, or I can either be that person that freaks out about the next Captain America movie, or Doctor Strange. So I’m gonna be both.

Watch more indie movies. They’re niche, so you might not relate to a lot of them. But then you might find your new favourite movie ever, so it’s worth it.

Watch more popular culture movies. You need new small talk subjects, don’t you?

Read more classics, more young adult fiction, more poetry, more anything.

6. Write

Write a diary, write a blog, write a book, write fan fiction, but just write. Writing improves your language skills, your vocabulary, the way you organize your thoughts. Writing opens up new doors, makes time pass more easily, and idk, it’s like an exploration of yourself. You might find out some cool stuff that you didn’t know before.

7. Take pictures

I know that lately, taking pictures is seen as a shallow action. But how about you forget about what other people say and think about how awesome it is to find folders full with old pictures? Pictures you took with friends, family, pets, random people. Pictures from when you were drunk at a party, dancing on a table, or pictures from when you graduated high school. They’re great memories to look at, right?

Then start taking pictures again. I don’t care if you use a selfie stick. I love selfie sticks. Take as many selfies as you can. Have fun. This is your life, and the best you can do is enjoy it. As long as you’re a nice person, you can be a Selfie Queen/King, I don’t mind.

8. Make the perfect gifts

It’s actually quite easy. At some point all of your friends will say “Oh, I really want…”. You just have to remember what they want. So write it down somewhere and a week before their birthdays you’ll find out you have an actual list of things you could get them.

But don’t forget that 50% of the best gift is also the perfect card. People like to read nice words written for them from their friends. So why don’t you take 15 minutes of your time and tell your friends how much they mean to you? It will make you feel better too.

9. Eat the goddamn cake

I’m not even gonna explain this. Eat the fucking cake.

10. Enjoy life

If you can travel, then don’t hesitate. Drink your coffee in as many cities as you can.

If you want to start learning how to play an instrument, do it. I’m 20 and I started taking piano lessons. I’m aware of the fact that I’ll never be a pro, but I enjoy taking a break and learn a new song from time to time.

If you want to go to the gym, don’t even wait for Monday, or a New Year to do that. The motivation should be yourself and the fact that you appreciate your health and your toned muscles.

If you don’t want to be in a relationship, then don’t. You should’t be with someone because your friends and familiy pressure you to. Love when you’re ready. You’ll know it.

Idk man, live your life, be who you want to be, and try to be nice to people. See you next year!





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