Mental disorders and crime solving

When I choose to spend lots of hours on a TvSeries, I always hope to get the best outcome. And when it comes to series about crime solving, any choice seems a great choice these days. The structure is quite similar for most of them. Smart guy/girl with no connection with the police whatsoever, somehow gets asked for help by either local authorities, either FBI,CIA, etc. Their special skills are the key to resolving the misteries, always providing an explanation for their thought process.

We like crime solving series for they bring us a sense of justice and because us, as human beings, are drawn to mistery and puzzle solving. We find satisfaction in logic and correct deductions. Well, most of us.


Anyway, I’m writing this to introduce you to Perception (2012), a show about a schizophrenic neuropsychiatrist who helps the federal government identify mental disease in certain people.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is a fascinating character. Due to his mental illness, he’s not a big fan of change. So you’ll always see him wearing the same coat and scarf, while listening to music on an old walkman. He, of course, refuses to take his medication, considering it alters his intellectual capabilities. When in distress, he puts his headphones on and pretends to direct an orchestra, no matter how public his display might be. You’ll love him.



*gif credit: gleekface

What I appreciate most about this show is the big amount of new, interesting and useful information on mental health. You migh know about some of the disorders, and how they influence the perception (hah!) of reality. It’s fascinating how chemical disbalance in the brain can affect decisions and undersanding of the world.

Kate, the main female character is kind of a badass, so you’ll like her. She’s one of Daniel’s former students, now working for the FBI. She often  encounters cases that can only be solved with the help of her brilliant profesor, who always accepts the challenge.

Perception_102_13_Eric McCormack_Rachael Leigh Cook_PHDoug Hyun

There’s also Lewikci, Dr. Pierce’s assistant, a caring and funnt guy you’ll also like a lot. He basically provides Daniel with anything he needs or asks for, and he’s also loyal and genuinely interested in his mentor’s well-being.


Willing to learn some cool stuff, watch interesting puzzles being solved and fall in love with a new fictional character? Then watch Perception.

*i don’t own any of the pictures, of course


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