2 movies that you should give a second thought

I usually try to find what’s best in movies, so I learn something and don’t waste my time, you know? Maybe what I observe it’s not that important for everyone else. Maybe I’m just imagining things (which is actually a good possibility). But there are movies that I really like and nobody gets me why. So here’s what we’ll do. I will tell you what those movies are, and why I like them and you don’t judge me. Okay?

Here we go.

Sucker Punch (2011, Zack Snyder)


Yes, there are short skirts, lots of make-up and dancing. You might find it quite superficial. But look underneath the surface. The main character suffers from a traumatic event so she’s institutionalized. What happens in this movie is basically an adventure of her own mind.

There are lots of metaphors in this movie, a lot of empowering lines, and let’s agree that the music fits perfectly.

*gif credit: celebritiesandmovies

There are three levels shown in this story. The reality, the place she imagines, and the place her mind goes when she dances. The dance is always shown as a fight, we never actually see Baby Doll’s seductive moves. And this is one of the things I loved. How she translated everything into fighting so she could cope with the situation.

What I liked: the idea of altered reality, the fight scenes, the soundtrack, the existence of a mentor, Baby Doll’s sacrifice (well, I didn’t actually like it, but I admired it).

It’s a good movie, if you can go over the fact that they wear short skirts. And please do.

Also, as a fun fact, the cast is quite good.

Friends with Kids (2011, Jennifer Westfeldt)


The thing with most romcoms is that they get overlooked. They basically end up as part of most sleepover movie lists, when you and your friends get all dreamy about the perfect boyfriend/girfriend and complain on how real life is nothing like what they show there.

Part of it is true. But Friends with Kids also brings forward one of the major problems with people that can’t find their soulmates. What if they want children , even though they won’t have a partner to help raising them? What if they decide to be a single parent?

Good, well Jason (Adam Scott) and Julie (Jen Westfeldt) found a solution. They’re best friends since a long time ago and they trust each other, so they decide to have a baby. The traditional family values are, of course, a little bit altered, because they don’t want to get married or live together, they just want a child. This is a decision took by two responsable adults, that will both love and contribute to the raising of the child. This is a big improvement since both parents are willing to get involved in the kid’s life. I don’t know about you, but I find this a really interesting option. Of course that as a romcom, the ending is quite predictable, but the main problem is really well presented.

So, guys, what are the movies that you’ve seen and you believe to have a more important message than most of your friends think? Must be a few.

*i do not own any of the pictures


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