Why Ricky Gervais being mean is okay

Like in any situation, there are three types of people when talking about Ricky Gervais. Those who don’t like him, those who do and those who don’t care.

I like him. And you know why? Because he’s not trying to be relatable.

Celebrities trying to prove us how normal they are is not normalWhat Ricky Gervais said about how they’re over-privileged people with lots of money, that is normal. 

Once you start collecting lots of money and people recognize your face on the street, you kind of lose the mundane status. But the thing is, that’s okay. Celebrities are people we endorsed to represent us, to fight for us, to tell the media what we think and what we want to see. Celebrities helped a lot in the fight for feminism, racism and homophobia, they spent time with the less fortunate, they made children happy. And we’re thankful for this. They make the world a better place, they provide us with art and entertainment and we’d all like to meet some of these charistmatic people one day.

But celebrities have to understand that we don’t like them because they eat what we do, or not wear make-up in their free time, or take their dogs for a walk. Those are basic needs and human responsabilities, and they don’t mean that suddently my life is just like theirs. I know the’re human too, they have families and friends, and moms and dads, and things they love, and things they’re scared of.

But overall their lives are different, their responsabilities as well. And that is okay.

What I appreciate in them are things like these:

When they’re happy for their art being acknowledged.

When they help others.

When they promote important human values.

But if they tell me they eat only junk food, they don’t go to the gym, they’re lazy, those things are not going to make me feel closer to them. Because I know they’re not true. Celebrities are very well taken care of by teams of specialists that tell them what to wear, what to eat, who to be friends with, what to say about the films/movies they’re promoting. Media is just another scene, where celebrities act according to certain agendas.


 Gervais making fun of all these things is more normal than Jennifer Lawrence telling me she eats pizza. Gervais telling them all they’re over-privileged people is more normal than Amy Shumer saying that she’s hungry.

Note that I don’t deny their contribution in supporting gender equality and telling people to stop body-shaming. I admire them for that. (And I chose them as examples at random, hope nobody feels atacked or offended)

So yeah, I think Ricky Gervais has all rights to shake up their perfect world a bit and show us, the mundanes that not everything’s pretty in Hollywood. And here’s  picture of him not giving a fuck.


*i don’t own any of the pictures, obvs


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