American Ultra – The best proposal ever

American Ultra(2015) is a movie  written by Max Landis, who also wrote the script for Chronicle(2012) and Victor Frankenstein(2015). To sum it up, I’m just gonna put a relevant tweet in here.

Now, to start my own review, some parts of the movie reminded me of Chuck. You know, the cool spy TvShow where a guy learns kung fu because of a special computer program named Intersect.


Anyway, American Ultra is different and it left me with lots of unsolved questions that I hope to find answers to in a sequel. Pleeeease, Max!

So, there is this couple, Mike and Phoebe (Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart). They live in a boring city and have boring jobs, but they’re happy. Mike fills up his time by drawing in a little notebook and inventing adventures for a character he made up, Apollo Ape. Phoebe likes listening to his stories and encourages him to write them down.

Screenshot 2016-01-30 21.53.35

Their peace is disturbed when a blonde lady comes to the store where Mike works and sais some awkaward stuff to him. As we find out later on, those words were meant to activate him.

Aaaand here’s where the cool part begins. Mike, the slow thinking stoner is actually a trained agent, part of an old experiment. For some reason the experiment had to stop and his early memories were erased causing him some confusion. Now, a new guy in charge at the CIA headquarters wants Mike dead, for he’s considered a liability. Nice blonde lady basically activated all of Mikes knowledge from the time he was training because she wanted him to defend himself. And now he’s kind of a badass.

I really enjoyed the fighting scenes, the pace was just the right one. Also, the frames were balanced, the shots very well done. Visually, it was a satisfying movie.

The cute subplot was Mike’s constant battle to find the right moment to propose to Phoebe. And when he finally does, it’s epic.

roonevmara“We were the perfect fucked up couple, she was perfect and I was fucked up.”

As a lot of people have said before, Kristen and Jesse have a really good chemestry going on. They’re really cute on screen and the transition from the sweet couple to badass agents seemed quite natural. The only problem is that now I really need a sequel. I need more childhood and training hours flashbacks, more info on the experiment and the reasons why Mike was the only successful one. I need to know the exact nature of his memories. Stuff like that.

With a really good balance between romance and action, this movie is what you need to watch for a really awesome evening. Or morning. Or noon. Whatever.

Bonus: my favorite exam period gif.


Feel you Ewan, feel you.

*gif credits: jadedownthedrain, roonevmara


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