Happythankyoumoreplease (Josh Radnor, 2010)

This is totally a Josh Radnor appreciation blog post. I didn’t even know Happythankyoumoreplease was written and directed by him until 5 minutes ago, so I need a moment to renew my list of favorite people. Ok, now take a look at this:

Cuuuute af, ugh.

So, back to the movie. I got to watch Happythankyoumoreplease because I couldn’t find Liberal Arts (2012)-but I don’t regret it at all. Well, I will get aggressive if I don’t watch that one too, especially now that I’ve seen how awesome Josh is.


Happytkankyoumoreplease is a story about life the way it is, no sugarcoats, no lies. Quite refreshing to watch this, I must say.

Josh plays Sam, a young writer that takes responsability of a kid that got lost on the subway. Apparently he was in foster care and didn’t really want to go back, so when Sam tries to take him to the police or other responsible authorities, Rasheen -the kid- just keeps coming back. Later on, Sam finds out that he has some serious drawing skills and encourages him to pursue them. That’s why he postpones taking him back to foster care, believing they will suppress his talent.

Sam’s best friend is Annie (Malin Akerman). A guy with a girl best friend, I know, shocking. Annie sufferes from alopecia, which basically means she has no hair. Also, she makes poor choices when it comes to men. She’s a wonderful human being, but she thinks she’s not good enough and worthy of real love. A guy working in the same building as her sees her real beauty and falls for her, but she’s not really into him. Will Annie learn to love the one that loves her? Is love what makes us beautiful to each other? Watch the movie and you’ll see. Oh, and the big irony is that the guy’s name is…Sam. Loved this.

Mary (Zoe Kazan) is an artist. She is kind of related to Sam, or their mothers are friends. Something like that. Her boyfriend wants them to move from New York to LA, but she doesn’t. After she finds out some news, she’s not sure if sharing them with him will tie him up in a relationship that maybe he doesn’t want anymore. This story was really well created, with all the tension building up, leading to the final burst. Boom.


Besides the Rasheen issue, Sam has some love problems himself. He likes this girl, Mississippi. She likes him too, but as she sais, she wants a novel, not a short story, and Sam doesn’t know if he’s ready for a big commitment. Also, he makes some big ass promises while drunk and regrets them in the morning. Sounds familiar, hah? Oh, I know.


Bonus: the thing that made me say holy shit, that’s exactly how I feel.

“My great shame as a writer is that I’m just this suburban kid with good parents.”

I keep wondering if the fact that I had a really nice and peaceful chidhood makes me lack in creativity. Some of the most famous writers had some really shitty times while being kids, and yeah, I can’t help but wonder if that’s why they started writing or if that’s what made them so great.

A movie that shows that guys and girls can be friends, that there’s love for everybody, that postponing problems won’t resolve them. A movie that will make you love yourself and love others. A perfect balance between sweetness and reality, Happythankyoumoreplease is a movie that has a little piece of advice for all of us struggling with this thing called life.

Next on the list: Liberal Arts. Oh, and meeting Josh Radnor. Someday.

*gif credits: braffaison, mermurations, timetoputonashow


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