Throne of Glass – book review

Remember when I told you that after Red Queen , I’ll stop reading YA novels? Well, my best friend decided to force me into reading Throne of Glass and let’s say I didn’t hate it.

She borrowed me the book – translated into our native language. Even though I prefer reading YA novels in english, I gave it a try. It was as bad as I expected. Somehow, these kind of books just sound better in english, no idea why. Anyhow, I did enjoy the plot and the characters and it convinced me to read the whole series.

Throne of Glass is the first book in a series of six – seven if we count the novella bind-up – written by Sarah J. Maas. Book number five will be published in September this year.

Long story short, we have young Celaena, world’s deadliest assassin, being held captive somewhere in a salt mine. A prince comes to her with a proposition – become the king’s Champion, or die here as a slave. Surprise, surprise, she accepts going back to the Glass Castle with the prince and a lovely Captain of the Guard.

Something funny and a bit frustrating about this book is the character’s names. Sarah J. Mass actually had to give the readers a pronunciation guide. Honestly, even after reading this, my mind still goes something like asdfghhyhjzj everytime my eyes encounter some of the names.


I enjoyed most of the dialogues and most of Celaena’s character construction. She is tough, reminding me of Adelina from The Young Elites series, she had a mentor – i love the mentoring subplots -, she knows how to fight and she doesn’t whine and complain every three seconds. 

This series is kind of a mix between everything I’ve ever read before. Fighting, magic, gates to other worlds, symbols that heal, protect and what not, necklaces with special powers, the whole palace setting. I am still not sure what to think of this. At some point it might became too much. I don’t even know how the writer could keep track of every subplot she introduced us to and I’m curious to see if the next books will turn into some kind of hotchpotch, or a well-thought structure will save them.

Downsides (might contain spoilers)

  • The 512 pages that could easily be compressed into less than 300.
  • The love triangle. I will always hate love triangles. Clockwork Angel series, ugh.
  • The guards letting her go the masked ball. Like honestly, they must’ve had orders to keep her inside her room.
  • Celaena drinking from the cup Kaltain gave her. Seriously now, the world’s best assassing doesn’t know that she shouldn’t drink stuff that people she doesn’t trust give to her?  Didn’t Arobynn, her mentor, ever tell her to refuse candy from strangers?
  • Oh, and did I tell you about the love triangle?

That’s all I can think of for now.

I’ve already got Crown of Midnight next to me –english version, of course – and I can’t wait to start reading it tomorrow.

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