Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass novels)

I just finished Heir of Fire and let me tell you just how much I love this series. Whatever doubts I had while reading Throne of Glass, they’re all gone. Instead, I now have a huge admiration for Sarah J. Mass, the author of the series, for how she managed to build this fictional world and the really complex characters.

The writing is really good regarding character development, the image of each of them leaving strong and lasting impressions. Each book brings new characters and Sarah took her time to construct them, even if they have small roles to play in the story. Character development is one of my favourite things to observe while reading novels and Sarah J. Mass is doing that brilliantly.

In Crown of Midnight, Celaena has to obey the king’s orders now that she’s his Champion. But somehow she still finds ways of doing things her own way. What’s interesting in this book is that the heroine can’t trust even the rebel forces that try to approach and bargain with her. The leaders of the rebels only want power and not peace, so Celaena has to find other allies and remove the corrupt leaders of the rebellion.

Nonetheless, even if she has to deal with a lot of conspiracy theories and other threats, Celaena has some romance going on in her life. And yes, to be honest, I really hoped this relationship would happen while reading TOG and the beginning of COM, but somehow, in Heir of Fire, the guy is annoying. Kind of like like Adam in the Shatter Me series. He is undecised, he lacks something – I can’t really put my finger on what it is exaclty. Maybe it’s a combination of power, strenght, determination – what I love most in characters. He’s constantly confused, disoriented, doesn’t really know what he stands for and he doesn’t understand stuff. And it takes a lot of time for him to accept the things he can’t understand. I’m curious what is going to happen to him in the next books.

Anyway, Heir of Fire brings new and wonderful characters. Celaena is now in Wendlyn, because Chaol presented the king the idea of sending her there to kill the ruller and his son. Of course, Chaol actually made this for sending her to a safe place, after he witnessed some of her abilities. The thing is that in Wendlyn her life changes a lot more than anyone would’ve expected and she finds there a friend – that I personally am in love with. Rowan. *wink wink*

Heir of Fire presents how things evolve with Celaena on one hand, and her life discovering and mastering her powers, and on the other hand we have Dorian, Chaol, Manon – a new character, a witch –  and the king and his dark plans. So yes, there are a few narratives to follow, but I guarantee you it’s worth it.

Again, I have to mention the incredible character development. Celaena’s evolution is incredible to witness – her training so intense, her battles so thrilling. The fictional world that Sarah J. Mass built with the sheer power of words is a stunning one and I can’t wait to read the next books!




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